Junior Infants

We were busy making patterns while tracing the number 2



This week is Science week. We did the all time favourite experiment The Skittle Experiment!!

We watched how the sugar and colours dissolved in the water, making a rainbow appear! Some of us even ate some of the skittles afterwards! Yum yum!



We explored the chemical reaction between milk and soap

We used pipettes to drop in the food colouring into the milk

We dabbed some soap into the milk and watched the reaction of the milk splitting


We used baking soda and vinegar to create volcanoes

We poured vinegar and food colouring into a cup.

We then poured a spoon of baking powder into the cup and watched the chemical reaction between the 2 ingredients. 



We exlored static electricity using balloons and rice krispies.

We rubbed the balloons on our hair to create the electricity.

This charged the balloons and the rice krispies stuck to the balloons




We explored gravity with our paper helicopters.

We added paper clips to add weight to the force of the drop


We tried ‘The Dancing Raisins’ experiment for science week. We put raisins into still water and watched how the raisins sank to the bottom of the cup. This is because the raisins are heavier than the water. We then tried the raisins in a fizzy drink. When we put the raisins in they sank to the bottom at first BUT because of the gas in the fizzy drink some of the raisins floated to the top and dropped again once the bubble burst. We had great fun watching the raisins dancing!

Active fun in maths this week. We rolled the dice, counted the dots and completed the action.

We jumped, we hopped and we clapped the number. We had great fun !!

Maths – This week in maths Junior Infants were sorting objects according to size; small, medium and large. We had great fun comparing objects around the classroom 😊




We did a Halloween science experiment of materials and change.
We melted chocolate from a solid to a liquid. We poured the yummy chocolate over our apples and scattered some delicious sprinkles. We waited for the melted chocolate (liquid) to cool down and change back to a solid form on the apple.

They look so yummy! We can’t wait to eat them!! 😊
We also made some spooky marshmallow ghosts. Boo!! Happy Halloween! 🎃

Junior Infants were practicing writing their letters and word today. They were super!!

As part of Maths Week, we went outside on a Maths Trail


Some of our Autumn Art – leafy hedgehogs

We made Pumpkins for Halloween

This week we made Clay Hedgehogs in Art Class 

Sorting !!

We did lots of work this week in Junior Infants, learning all about sorting – sorting shapes, sorting colours, sorting lots of things.

Having fun painting

Today we learnt about making patterns



Our new Junior Infants have settled in well and are having great fun in their new school. See the photos below –


We had great fun at our first dancing lesson with Pat. Click on the link below to view

dancing with Pat