4th Class

Book List 2020

Bua na Cainte 4 (pupil’s book) – Edco
Fuaimeanna agus Focail 4 workbook – Folens

Spellbound D – workbook – Edco
Just Handwriting 4th Class Cursive – CJ Fallon
Starlight – 4th Class combined reading & skills book – Folens

Dictionaries English and Irish – should have these already

Planet Maths 4th Class * – Folens
New Wave Mental Maths 4th Class – Prim Ed
Table Book (should already have one)

RELIGION: Grow in Love – 4th Class * – Veritas

SESE: History, Geography, Science
Just Maps 4th Class – educate.ie
Atlas – ‘New Irish Primary Atlas’ – Folens

Small World Geography & Science available in school
Small World History available in school

My Learner ID 4 – Edco
All other resources available from school

1 x Spelling Notebook
1 x ( 9 x 7) hard cover copy books 120 pgs
3 x (120 pg) Sum Copies
8 x (120 pg) Writing Copies
1 A4 Refill Pad
A4 ring binder & plastic pockets
Pencils, blue / black / red biro, 30cm ruler, sharpener, eraser, colouring pencils/crayons
Large Pritt Stick (with name on it)
A packet of envelopes to be kept at home for money needed throughout the year.

Book Rental €15.00
Homework Journal, Book Box, SAE €5.00
Arts & Craft materials / photocopying €20.00
Total Money due in September €40.00

 Books marked with an * can be bought secondhand from any present 4th Class pupil who are willing to sell them.
 Please ensure that pupils name is clearly marked on jumpers, coats, books, lunchboxes etc.
 Please ensure that books are covered and names clearly labelled on the outside.
 A charge of €20 will be charged in September for Arts & Crafts and photocopying.