1st Class


1st Class had lots of fun making spooky art on the run up to Halloween!

We dressed up in some scary costumes surprised

We made up a play in our groups using our costumes as the theme for the characters

We then performed for our classmates


We were learning all about Procedural Writing in 1st Class.

Take a look at our amazing work on ‘How to Wash Your Hands’ published on our classroom wall.



Our second experiment was changing cream to butter. We poured cream into bottles and in our pods we shook, shook, shook the bottles until our arms were tired! This was great fun. After 10 minutes we saw the cream had changed to butter and buttermilk.. cool!! We all had a taste of the butter with a breadstick. Some of us thought it was yummy and others were not big fans… see if you can guess from our faces!

1st class completed two science experiments when learning about Materials and Change in Science. First we carried out an experiment to make salt crystals on pipe cleaners by mixing salt and hot water in a jar. Lots of us didn’t think it would work but 5 days later we saw that we had made crystals!

1st Class Autumn Trail


1st class went on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt to find signs of Autumn around our school. We had a checklist of signs of Autumn to keep us on track and a Leaf ID to check what tree the leaves had fallen from. We found blackberries, rabbit holes, mushrooms and lots of leaves which we noticed were beautiful colours of orange, yellow, red and brown. We are great scavenger hunters!




Our dancing was called off due to bad weather this week so we had to get our heart rate up in a different way! We did a 15-minute session with the Bodycoach; lots of jump squats, lunges, fast feet and boxing. We were tired after our tough work out so we relaxed with a Spooky Halloween yoga session where we made our bodies into pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons!


We were learning all about Subtraction this week at school. We played maths bowling to learn about taking away. Every time we took a shot we wrote down the sum to match it. Lots of strikes in 1st class! Maths can be super fun!


1st class enjoying dancing with Pat O’Dea. We really look forward to this dance session every Tuesday. We are learning lots of new steps!



Look whooooo’s in 1st class! We were busy in September drawing our owls and decorating them for our classroom. Lots of wise owls in this class!