4th Class

4th class having great fun printing in art! 



We had a super busy day in Rang 4 celebrating Universal Children’s Day. This takes place on November 20th every year (except for India- on which it takes place on November 14th). It is a celebration of children, and a day to promote the welfare of children all over the world! We learned that children have 41 rights, and these can be categorised into safety, health and happiness. We spent the day researching the different rights children have, many of which were surprising to some! We also learned lots of new vocabulary surrounding children’s rights. In groups, we decided the most important 3 rights children have. We also composed a fabulous poem and performed it to Mrs. Clifford, before it was read over the intercom to the rest of the school. We are very pleased and proud of our poem, and of all we learned today in school.

4th class STEM task- build the strongest bridge that can stand independently and hold some school materials! 



Procedural Writing

Here are photos of our procedural writing lesson – “How to make Rice Krispie buns”

Halloween with a twist!

Our Halloween was a bit different this year. We had a Halloween dress-up party in school. We saw zombies, witches, ninjas, and clowns. Everyone took part in a school zoom call. Our performance of ‘Halloween Party’ was fantastic. Also, we made some Halloween cards for our families. To top off a great day, we indulged ourselves with lots of sweets and a movie.


This year, we had Halloween with a twist at home! Instead of Trick-or-Treating, we played games, enjoyed scary movies, and had Halloween discos in the comfort of our own homes. Wictor went on a spooky walk with his family. Aaron’s baby brother started to walk. Rueben completed a marathon and Ria saw beautiful fireworks. It was a Halloween to remember!


4th Class Local Trail

We are excited to share a report about our trip to Donoughmore Graveyard.

On Tuesday 13th of October, 4th class set off on our trip. We left school at 11:30 after our break time. During the trip, we had quiz questions to answer about the local environment. We also answered some math’s questions along the way, celebrating maths week. For example, we named different shapes and lines around us, searched for graves that were over 100 years old, and looked for mini-beasts amongst the hedges and grass. The gravestones were made from lots of different materials like stone and marble. We saw lots, some old and some new. We also explored the ruins of the old church in the graveyard. The historical scenery was very enjoyable. Although, we did get a little wet along the way.

Here are some photos of our local trail!



Welcome to our blog! After being on a long break from school, we are excited to be back in Donoughmore. We have a new school routine to keep us safe. To start each day, we make sure our hands are germ free when we come into school. We also wash them regularly throughout the day to keep everyone safe and stop germs from spreading. Our new routine is a little different than we are used to, but it helps us feel safe and confident in school.

Our summer was much longer than we expected it to be! The restrictions kept us from having the summer we thought we would have, but we all did some fun stuff. Most of us enjoyed our staycations at beaches and hotels across Ireland. We travelled to Roscommon for horse riding,
went shopping in Kilkee, camping in Mayo and boating along the coast. Some of us had some exciting things happening at home such as birthdays, christenings, confirmations and decorating new bedrooms.

As the holidays ended, we were looking forward to starting 4th class. Each one of us is wondering what the school year will bring. We hope to make new friends, learn lots and having fun.