5th Class


5th class had an explosive ending to Science Week 2020!! 

We got to see a chemical reaction between 2 different substances. 

We mixed vinegar (an acid) with bread soda (a base) and this created a new substance: Carbon Dioxide. 

What we did:

1. Half fill a zip lock bag with vinegar. 
2. Put a generous amount of bread soda into the bag. 
3. Close the bag and give it a good shake to mix the 2 substances and see the reaction (the bag will pop!) 

Have a look at our photos to see how we got on! 


On Thursday, the boys and girls in 5th class all got to ‘Walk on Air’. 

Air is all around us but we can’t see it. Most of the time we don’t even feel it. We find out how strong the wind is when it is very windy. When you blow up a balloon you fill it with air. If you squeeze the balloon, the air inside is also squeezed. The balloon changes shape when you squeeze it but the amount of air in the balloon stays the same.

We investigated this by: 
1. Filling 6 balloons to the same size (not too full though). 
2. We placed the balloons on the floor. We turned a table upside down and put it on top of the balloons. 
3. The children each took turns standing on the flipped table. 

We started with 1 child and none of the balloons popped 1 more child stood on the table, and we kept doing this until 6 children were standing on the table! Even with all 6 children standing in the table, the balloons still didn’t burst. Can you figure out why the balloons didn’t burst?

Take a look at the brave boys and girls enjoying ‘Walking on Air’ 

This week we were using Tangrams – look at all the fabulous things we were able to make –

In 5th class this week we have been learning about how plants grow. 

We learned lots of new vocabulary such as:
– Germination: This is when a seed sprouts.
– Radicle: This is the tiny root that emerges from a seed.
– Pollination: This is when pollen is moved from one plant to another.
– Photosynthesis: This is the process of how plants make their own food.
We also learned the different parts of a flower:
– Stamen
– Petals
– Pistil
Then, in pairs we planted our own flowers! Check out the photos to see us doing some planting!
These next pictures are some of the slides we did before we planted our flowers. 

Procedural Writing –

For the month of September we were learning how to do Procedural Writing. 

The children were given the choice between ‘French Speaking Fancies’ and ‘Dancing Donuts’. Here is some of their work.
 We spoke about wearing masks in public and how they make us feel. We also spoke about how we can’t see each other’s emotions properly and we then wrote our emotions on our art work. 

We spoke about our Summer, the children each chose 2 things the did/went and wrote about them. Then they drew a picture of it in their ‘Summer Staycation’ glasses. 

We read the story ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Suess. We then spoke about our dreams for the future and wrote about them on our Hot Water Balloons.