6th Class


6th Class spent the afternoon today delving deep into the topic of density. 

We firstly discussed our prior knowledge of density, what the word meant and how much we already knew. Then we looked at examples of density  in existance in our surrounding environments; hot air balloons, ice cubes in water, ice caps etc.

The class were then given an experiment to undertake which was to show the density of 6 different liquids; honey, milk, water, washing up liquid, maple syrup and vegetable oil. We predicted the density of the liquids according to how thick and viscous the liquid appeared. The children made a hypothesis  and then had to justify their predictions.  We measured and poured the liquids in, improvising when Ms Griffin forgot to bring the funnel to school! 


More Halloween Ghouls

Our Scary Spiders !!

Are 6th Class using their mask to ‘mask’ their feelings ??

Masks are part of everyday life for most of us recently.

We are used to talking about our feelings maybe when they are positive ones, but what if we have new feelings or when we are usnure how to feel?

Nerves…anxiety…maybe even some of us are feeling happy…relaxed and relieved to be back at school.



Pupils competing against each other doing a STEM challenge. They had to build wearable glasses using limited materials.  The glasses had to stay on their heads while completing a long jump and sprints

These are some of the poems we have been learning in class – 


Here are some pics of 6th doig group work for History. Story telling and sequencing – working on myths and legends