Parent Information

Pupil Safety

  • Safety of children is always a vital concern for all – so please take care.
  • Despite all warnings children will forget and rush into or out of school – so responsibility rests with drivers!!
  • We appeal to parents to think about the safety of all children when parking, and to accompany your child/ren to and from the school gates in the morning and in the afternoon, using the footpaths and ‘white lined road crossing’. Additional parking is available across from the church.
  • Children must enter and exit school through main gate and should never be allowed through staff car park.
  • Children must use pathways to enter and exit school and play areas. Children must not run.
  • No climbing on school walls, steps or railings before, during or after school in the interest of safety.
  • Parents coming into the school, please enter through reception area at the front door.
  • A ‘Sign Out’ book must be signed by an adult when taking children out during school hours eg dentist visit.
  • Parents who bring younger children with them when collecting older brothers or sisters, please keep them with you at all times.
  • A Personal Accident Insurance Scheme is facilitated through the school – details to follow in September.



The Road Safety Initiative has been set up with one main aim and that is the safety of the children attending Donoughmore National School.

 All parents please note the following:

1. The school is fortunate to have the facility of a large car park across from the church. We would encourage you to make more use of this facility, particularly the families of older children. It is only a two minute walk to the school gate.

2. Please do not park on the footpath. Footpaths must be kept clear at all times so that there is room for the children to walk safely to and from the car park.

3. Please STOP at the “crossing” – the double white lines. Many children are still learning to stop and look both ways. Please encourage older children to show good example to the younger ones.

4. Dropping Off Your Child – Children should not be dropped off on the ditch side of the road in front of the school. It is far too dangerous. Children could meet a car coming in the opposite direction. Please use the safety route from the car park to the school – footpaths, whiteline crossing, footpaths.

5. No parking on the double yellow lines or in or outside the yellow boxes.

6. We are strongly encouraging all children to stay on the foot path and cross between the white lines.

7. On occasions areas are sectioned off with bollards for school buses – please allow for this and use the church car park.

 8. Please note the speed limit approaching the school is 50km and 30km outside the school.

 9. In the interest of safety for all please exercise courtesy and patience at the busy drop off and collection times.