Sensory Data Collector / Weather Station

As some of you may know, we have been fortunate enough to have been working closely with Anne Marie Morrin (Mary Immaculate College) and Trevor Furlong, in setting up a Donoughmore Sensory Data Collector / Weather Station over the last while.

Trevor has worked his magic to collect and represent live data (temperature, light, humidity and sound) in a both educational and child friendly manner. A huge thank you to both Anne Marie and Trevor for all the work, consideration and sheer persistence on this project.

In all the website has 16 different charts that represent the rich live date that the sensors are collecting (flow charts, heat maps, bargraphs, 3d bar graphs to name a few ! )

Trevor is also working now on the possibily of how the data can influence sound to creat a live sound scape ! Check out the website below.

Watch this space !!!